About the Museum

History of the Museum

In 1985, the museum’s founder, Mike Olenick, saw a photograph in a film and was intrigued by it. Years later he spent nearly a decade researching photographs in over three thousand movies for his film All the Memory in the World, and this research forms the foundation of the museum. He now refers to this type of imagery as fauxtography: light sensitive images that appear in motion pictures. In 2013, fauxto.org was launched and the museum held its first exhibition, Indecisive Moments, at The Center for Ongoing Research & Projects.

Visiting the Museum

The museum currently has no physical address: you are already here. We partner with other institutions to host our events. More information can be found on our news and exhibitions pages.

The Collection

The museum's collection houses evidence of thousands of fauxtographic images, spanning nearly 100 years. While the museum is interested in all types of fauxtography, our collection specializes in portraiture, family fauxtos, identification cards, newspaper reproductions and supernatural images. The collection is also home to a few original fauxtographs printed on paper. We are currently working behind the scenes to bring our entire collection of images online at this website.


The museum is interested in collecting more fauxtographs in their original format (prints, Polaroids, negatives, etc.). If you own an original fauxtograph, please contact us.

Special Research

Additional information in the museum's archive can be made available to scholars wishing to do research. Please contact the museum for more information.


This website was produced in conjunction with the The Center for Ongoing Research & Projects as part of the Indecicive Moments project that was exhibited at COR&P in 2013.